Discussing Streetwear, Air Max Day and Fashion Faux Pas With Anni Bolika

Your sneaker collection unquestionably helps to create unique outfits that differentiate your style and help to stand out or make a statement. What we mean is that your apparel has to properly communicate with your sneakers regardless of your gender. If you're active in the fashion community probably know Anni or by her Instagram as @lifeisapigsty. Anni continues to flood various powerhouse fashion blogs such as Hypebae, FashionFukery and Basement Approved. She describes her style perfectly as "50% Cher from Clueless / 50% millennial Avril Lavigne meets Hyperbae". She really incorporates the punk and preppy look but also personalizes it with her shoe game. We had a chance to chat with the 24-year old who is also a sneaker-blogger for Germany's sneaker retailer ONYGO about streetwear, Air Max Day and her Fashion Faux Pas. She has some top plans ahead so stay tuned. "Stay Woke" ladies and gentlemen. 

How old are you, where are you from and where do you live?

"Hey, I’m Anni 24-year-old girl from Cologne, Germany"

What is your occupation?

"I got my Bachelor in Media Management last summer and now I’m living the dream by working at a full-time internet hero. I also work as a Sneakerblogger for German sneaker retailer ONYGO".

How would you describe your style?

"50% Cher from Clueless / 50% millennial Avril Lavigne meets Hypebae"

What are your favourite brands at the moment?

"Noah, Obtain Company and to be fair also Supreme"


Happy Air Max Day! We noticed your insane collection of Air Max, what are your top 5 favourite

Air Max models?

"Probably changing every month but here are my Top 5 Air Max atm:

1. Nike Air Max 98 Snakeskin

      2 Patta Nike Air Max 1 Corduroy

3. Nike Air Max 1 Pink Pack

4. Nike Air Max 180 CD

5. Off White x Nike Air Max 90 "The Ten" 


What career ambitions do you have and where do you see yourself in a few years? 


"It would be totally amazing if I had my own successful livestyleblog and maybe even some employees. (Hint: Something is coming up - stay tuned)"


What is your biggest fashion faux pas?

"My eyes hurt when I see- oh and please finally ban Sneakerwedges from this planet!" 


Who is your biggest female or male inspiration in fashion right now?

"Aleali May, Ida Broen, hotelshrimp and blondetaki".

Describe your most memorable photoshoot?

"Modelling for Goodbyebread was probably the coolest thing so far"

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What genre of music do you listen to and who was the last artist you listened to? 

"Heavy Metal, New Wave, Dark Wave, Hardcore Punk. Type O Negative".



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