Unavailshop meets Jovana Matic

Comfy, cozy and oversized is how to describe her style. Meet Jovana Matic or perhaps better known by her Instagram username, @Joviilaiin, where she has over 20k followers. The 22 year old streetwear fanatic is based of out Switzerland with a Bosnian and Serbian descent. Jovana’s unique androgynous looks challenges the gender normatives that are seen in fashion with a cool demeanour that consist of a shaved head along with oversized high streetwear brands like HBA, Gosha Rubchinskiy, The Hood Lab and Moncler. We caught up with @Joviilaiin to have a brief discussion on her most memorable photoshoot and what artist she bumping to at the moment.


How old are you?

 I'm 22 years old.


Where are you from and where do you live

I'm born and raised in Switzerland. My origin is Serbian.

The most of my family lives also in Serbia so I'm going regulary to visit them.


How would you describe your style?

Like a boy. Comfy & cozy. Oversized, that's me.


What are your favourite brands at the moment? 

It changes super often. Gosha Rubchinsky & Ader error at the moment.


What was your first big streetwear purchase?

I think one of my first big streetwear purchase was a Kenzo sweater and the Alexander Mcqueen sneakers. I still have both pieces.


Describe your most memorable photoshoot?

 Definitely the shooting with Adidas I had in Berlin - was super cool! Different locations and fits, a cool team and a sunny day.


Who was the last artist you listened to?

Spooky black - I'm obsessed with him.


Have you ever visited Canada? If not, Where in Canada would you like to visit?

Never but I would love too go to Toronto and Montreal!

Hopefully one day


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