Hang To Dry - Victor R

Hang To Dry - Victor R

Welcome to our second instalment of Hang To Dry. A series where we highlight our seller community and dig deeper into what inspires their fashion taste, favourite brands and much more. We'll have the opportunity to dive into their collection they have listed on Unavailable. This is Hang To Dry.

Subject: Victor R

Title: Creative & Fashion Enthusiast

Supreme Longsleeve Bogo

First off, give us a quick intro about yourself?

Hey Community! I'm Victor Rivilla and I’m the mind behind Allivir League which is a local based clothing brand out of Ottawa, Ontario. I am also a self-proclaimed Sneaker, Streetwear, and Vintage enthusiast ever since I could remember.

Nike Vapormax x Off---White 

What is your style/influence?

I get a lot of my style/inspiration from Athleisure wear from playing sports my whole life. I like to dress up and put pieces together, but if it’s not something comfortable, then I’ll most likely steer away from it. Some of my favourite outfit inspirations come from the NBA tunnel, (S/O my guy Ian at @leaguefits) from guys like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul. I like to think that your day-to-day casual outfits are what make your style. So that is something I wanted to highlight with the looks I chose for this series. Some of my other inspirations include Rhuigi, the creator of Rhude, and Jerry Lorenzo.

OVO Embroider Hoodie

What is resell fashion to you?

Resell Fashion to me is a two-sided coin. On one side, you have a crowd of your common resellers that sell a lot of the current hype trends that everyone is looking for nowadays. On the other side, (the side that I think I belong to) that resell and recycle some of their closets to someone that will have more enjoyment out of it than you. From there, you can go ahead and put it towards other pieces that you want. I’m a firm believer that your closet should always be changing and evolving. Resell fashion has a lot to do with facilitating all of that in terms of recycling your wardrobe.

Jordan 5 x Off---White 

What type of pieces make up your collection?

A lot of the pieces that make up my wardrobe are mostly all cozy wear. Whether it be sweatpants from Fear of God Essentials, hoodies from NikeLab, or a classic oversized vintage tee, I try and put comfort first over everything else. In terms of my sneaker collection, I do think it’s very important to have a wide variety of stuff from classics to the newer heat/collaborations. For example, a pair of Chicago 1’s to Off White Jordan 4’s. I think my collection embodies this old-to-new wave theme a lot. Besides all the cozy wear, I do think it is also important to have your statement pieces for when you are going out to something nicer or just want to stunt a little bit. So I do have some pieces from Dior, Rhude, and Amiri to make sure I look the part.

Why do you choose to sell with Unavailable?

I choose to sell with Unavail because of their easy-to-use platform, and how quickly they pay you out once your items sell. I think it’s the perfect tool if you live in Canada. It's an opportunity to get rid of some of the clothing and shoes you don’t think you are going to wear anymore. They also give you that peace of mind to know that if there are ever any issues with a transaction that they will try and do the best they can to make sure both parties walk away satisfied. Honestly, I didn’t think twice about it. It was a no brainer haha


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Photos by: Kyle Allan
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