Money Back Guarantee

In the odd circumstance where something does go wrong, all transactions conducted through Unavail and PayPal are eligible for PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection. Please ensure that you have an account setup through PayPal and Unavail as Guest Checkout purchases ARE NOT eligible for purchase protection.

Please note that any issues must be reported to Unavail within xx days from the date of sale in order to remain eligible for protection. The reported sale(s) must also abide by the conditions listed below in compliance to our money back guarantee policy. 

Disputes must be made within 180 days of the date of payment for PayPal to open a direct conversation between buyer and seller. This can be escalated to a claim within 20 days of opening the dispute – however PayPal recommends a period of at least 7 days mediation period before escalating to a claim process.

 Buyer Protection

PayPal Buyer Protection ensures that your purchase is covered in case of problems, such as:

  • You don’t receive the item.
  • The item you receive is significantly not as described (Please reference the PayPal Buyer Protection for the full list of what “significantly not as described” includes).
  • If filing a “significantly not as described” claim, please ensure to comply with PayPal’s online dispute resolution process policies and timelines.  

 Seller Protection

PayPal Seller Protection ensures that your sale is covered in case of problems, such as:

  • Item not received. The buyer reports not receiving the item you shipped.
  • Item not as described. The buyer reports receiving an item that is different from what you described.
  • The buyer claims their money back after receiving the item you sent (chargeback). 

Purchase Protection Program - How it works

To be eligible for protection, all sellers must ship to a confirmed address with tracking information. Sellers must also purchase signature confirmation if the full amount of the payment (including shipping and taxes) is $850 CAD or more. Please enter the tracking information into the PayPal transaction details as well. When applicable, PayPal’s Protection Program entitles you to reimbursement for the full purchase price of the item plus the original shipping costs you paid, if any, as long as you provide compelling evidence that supports your claim.

Photographic evidence, tracking information, and written statements may be required in order to file your case. At this point, it is your responsibility as the claimant to ensure all correspondences are addressed promptly.

If you feel the PayPal claim has been decided unfairly, you may dispute the decision with them directly and appeal the outcome of your claim.

Offsite Transactions

Please note that any transactions conducted off the site will not be eligible for PayPal protection. We understand sellers may attempt to lure buyers offline with discounted prices, however we strongly discourage this for purposes of your safety and the protection of your purchase.


Please note that in-person meetups are ineligible for buyer and seller protection. If you make a sale or purchase on Unavail, the item MUST be shipped with appropriate tracking information to remain protected under our policies. 

Fraud Policy

Unavail’s online marketplace will be regularly monitored by our staff, and by the self-policing of our community members to ensure that all fraudulent items are removed. There will be zero tolerance to any individuals who knowingly post counterfeit goods, post fabricated adverts or engage in any other deceitful behaviour. These individuals will be banned from using our platform as this type of behaviour goes against all that we stand for. 

At Unavail we pride ourselves in delivering our platform with integrity, reliability and accountability of all members and staff.