Seller FAQ

  • What sort of brands do you carry?
    • We are able to carry a variety of brands, from Supreme, Off-White and Yeezy to Levi’s to Chanel, Dior and Prada. Our online platform is open so any potential sellers can upload their products freely. However, we are more selective in the products we accept into our showroom, where we’ve curated our own aesthetic of streetwear fashion.
  • How do I sell my products on your website?
    • It’s simple! Create a seller profile through the “Sell” section. Upload your items, providing any necessary information and then wait for them to be approved. Once they’ve been approved, you’re selling with us online!
  • Do I need an account to sell products on your website?
    • You’ll need a seller profile to be able to sell items online through our website.
  • How will my product be authenticated?
    • A vast number of items are uploaded to our site daily. However, we do our best to authenticate items before we approve them to our webstore.
    • Additionally, we ask for sellers to be honest and upload only genuine products. Please check our Community Guidelines for more information.
  • How will my product be priced?
    • You the seller choose the price. If we notice a discrepancy with the price compared to market value in the approval process, you will be notified. The item(s) will not be approved until the price(s) are adjusted.
  • What percentage will I keep?
    • The seller keeps 80% of the total purchase price on our webstore.
  • How do I take a good image of the product I want to sell?
    • Try to take pictures of the product on a neutral and clean background. We do encourage mobile camera photos, but if you’d like to go above and beyond with a DSLR, that would be great.
  • What information do I need to know about my product to sell it?
    • You’ll need to know the name of the product, including brand, a description of it and its overall condition, size, colour and price.
  • How will my product be shipped if someone purchases it?
    • If you’re in Ottawa and wish to bring it to the showroom, we’ll gladly ship it for you. Otherwise, you can ship the item yourself and upload the shipping information to the website.
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